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    Kathy Young
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County Manager

Kathy YOung

Kathy Young, County Manager

26 Crimson Laurel Circle
Bakersville, NC 28705
Telephone: 828.688.2139, extension 1393
Fax: 828.688.4443

Welcome to the County Manager’s website!

The County Manager serves as the Chief Administrator of the County. The manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners. The County Manager is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for administering all departments under the Board’s general control. The County Manager prepares and administers the county’s budget and reports to the Board on the affairs of the county. The County Manager advises the Board of the financial condition of the County, representing the County in business with other agencies, and performing other duties as assigned by the Board. The Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all orders, ordinances, resolutions, and regulations of the Board are faithfully executed.

We hope you find our website helpful and your dealings with County Government positive.

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Kathy Young
County Manager

Department Mission

The mission of the County Manager is to provide professional management and support of county government by supervising departmental operations, recommending policies and programs to the Board of Commissioners, and ensuring that the directives and policies established by the Board of Commissioners are implemented.